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Air Conditioning Technician



  • Provides value added service to customers by doing whatever is reasonable and possible to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Communicates effectively with customers, co-workers and Supervisors.
  • Demonstrates teamwork by co-operating and assisting co-workers as needed.
  • Adheres to Hotel policy and procedures.
  • Attends work on time as scheduled.
  • Follows hotel standards regarding personal hygiene.
  • Minimizes dangers by following all safety rules and regulations.
  • Maintains a favorable reputation of the Radisson Blu Hotel at all times.
  • Completes electrical maintenance work as per Maintenance Repair Order.
  • Monitors performance and adjusts electrical equipment to obtain maximum efficiency.
  • Performs preventive maintenance as per established schedules.
  • Replaces defective electrical bulbs, tubes, starters etc. as required.
  • Installs new wiring and equipment as directed.
  • Carries a communication device at all times whilst on duty.
  • Repairs electrical equipment and circuits as necessary.
  • Ensures all circuits and switches are clearly marked for Emergency and service use.
  • Advises the Chief Engineer, through his supervisor concerning major repairs/changes required.
  • Co-operates and assists other tradesmen when required.

Laws, Regulations and Policies.

  • Follows all applicable laws, regulations and policies.

Health and Safety.

  • Maintains high confidentiality.
  • Ensures that all potential and real hazards are reported immediately.
  • Fully understands and implements where necessary the Hotel’s fire, emergency and bomb procedures.
  • Follows emergency procedures to provide for the security and safety of guests and employees.
  • Supports a safe Hotel by applying Hotel regulations and adhering to existing laws and regulations.
  • Maintains the highest standards of personal hygiene, dress, uniform, appearance, body language and conduct.


  • Ensures that self is familiar with the in-house facilities to assist guests and promote sales.
  • Informs and updates the Chief Engineer on problems and unusual matters.
  • Attends meetings and training as required by the Chief Engineer.
  • Assists colleagues when needed.
  • Ensures guest satisfaction by performing duties such as attending to their requests and enquiries courteously and promptly.


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